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These are the loyal and selfless members of the Help Desk. The purpose of this page is to provide a place where clients can look up the e-mail address of their favorite Help Desk volunteer. Please do not contact Help Desk volunteers directly concerning a new problem. (Some of them are badly overworked.) The proper way to report a problem to the Help Desk staff is to send e-mail to help or phone 354-6013. If you live outside the Bowling Green exchange areas, feel free to make your call on us at (877) 729-2638.

Name E-mail address
Bill Butcher <>
Kirk R. Wray <>
Kevin Puffer <>
Robert "Buz" Maltby <>
Steve "Master of the Machine" Herber <>
Scott McEwen <>
Mike Harms <>
Craig Bedra <>
Wade Kemp <>
Greg Esposito <>
Steve Mason <>
Scot Kreienkamp <>
George Kellerbauer Jr. <>
Elaine Paulette <>
Mel Stimmel <>
Jeremy Zawodny <>
Bob Miller <>
Al Rakas <>
Jim Ziegler <>
Sue Clanton <>
Gregg Simpson <>
Angie Murphy <>
Mary Browning <>
Sue Frizzell <>
Maggie Jones <>
Denise Krupp <>


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