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Adding a counter to your home page

Counters are a convenient way to see how many times a page has been accessed. For your convience the WCIC staff has added a counter to the services that are available to our clients.

To add a counter to your page follow the instructions below.

  1. Click and drag over the IMG tag below and then select Edit/Copy from your browser menu bar.
  2. Using a text editor such as WordPad or TeachText, edit your home page.
  3. Paste the tag into your page.
  4. Replace Username_here with your username in the body of the tag.

<IMG src="/cgi-bin/Count?ft=7|frgb=69;139;50|tr=0|trgb=0;0;0|wxh=15;20|md=6|dd=D|st=5|sh=1|df=Username_here" align=middle>

You may have to scroll a long way to the right to see the whole line. This tag should result in a counter with an appearance similar to the one below.

Customizing your Counter.

There is no way for the individual subscriber to reset the counter. To have your counter reset please send mail to:


* E-mail US * E-mail Help Desk

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