CGI Scripts on WCNet


We currently do not allow WCNet users to create and use their own custom CGI scripts because of the potential negative impact such scripts can have on both the performance, stability, and security of our web server. However, we have tried to supply some standard scripts that any subscriber can use in conjunction with his/her home page.

PHP Scripting

WCNet supports the PHP scripting language for server-side scripting. Instructions are beyond the scope of the getting started pages. For a tutorial in PHP go to the PHP Tutorial at php.net.

Hit Counter

A "hit counter" or simply a "counter" is a graphic which displays the approximate number of visitors to a given web page (or group of pages). See the counter page for more info on installing a counter in your page.

MailMerge (used for Guest Books and Feedback Forms)

MailMerge is a program which allows you to put a form on your web page (like a Feedback Form, or maybe a Guestbook), collect what the user types, and then e-mail the results somewhere.

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