Configureing Web TV

Web Tv
Configuring a Web TV.


In general, WebTV can be considered an Internet terminal.
It has integrated software (including an all-in-one Web browser and e-mail client), a 33.6 modem (new ones are56K capable), and composite or S video outputs for connection to a Television.

The unit comes standard with a remote control which can be used exclusively to run the unit, but most folks will opt for the $79.00 wireless keyboard (it uses infra-red technology just like the remote).The modem is connected to a phone line and the video output to a TV. When you hit the "power" button, either on the remote or the keyboard, the unit turns itself on and automatically dials an Internet provider. The very first time this happens, the box dials a WebTV 800 number and determines the location of the closest WebTV modem bank. It then hangs up and immediately calls that local number(for our area this is a Toledo number).

At that point it downloads some software and takes you through a setup routine, during which the user selects an e-mail address @webtv.net and provides credit card information for billing purposes. (the standard rate is $19.95 per month)Once the setup process is finished, you are presented with what is called your home page. This page has several icons along the top part of the screen including one for e-mail, one for searching the web and others.Along the left side of the screen are several menu choices, including one for setup.

Selecting "setup" will present the user with several options,including using WebTV with your own ISP. If a subscriber selects this, they can go through the process of entering their local phone number, login name and password. Once this has been setup, WebTV will dial our number and log them on locally (eliminating the long distance charge). They are then connected to the WebTV server via the Internet. 

In this situation they use their WebTV e-mail address for sending and receiving e-mail, not their WCNet address.

It has been suggested that WCNet mail can be retrieved using a Web TV, however we do not yet have information on how this 
can be accomplished.

Any experience with this would be welcomed.

Also, when a member connects through us, their monthly WebTV charge is reduced to $9.95

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