What type of accounts are there?

There are two account types:

Individual account - This type of account has an annual fee of $107.00. Individual account holders receive an electronic mailbox and access to all internet resources and services. Individual accounts can also create their own home web page.

Business account - This type of account has an annual fee of $350.00. Business accounts will get 2 electronic mailboxes and access to all internet resources and services. Business accounts also receive greater space for business information for web pages. Direct access to your business just by pointing and clicking. Additional mailboxes for company staff are $107 per person annually.

Non-Profit Organizations should contact the WCIC office for information.

What modem speeds does the WCNet support?

WCNet supports modem speeds ranging from 2400 baud to 56k, and ISDN. We recommend that anything below 2400 baud be upgraded to 33.6 or higher

How do I reach a WCNet Volunteer?

A voice mail message may be left at 354-6013 (local to Bowling Green) or toll-free 1-877-729-2638. You may also send electronic mail to help@wcnet.org. Sending e-mail may result in a slightly faster response than leaving voice mail. In either case a volunteer will contact you to answer your questions as soon as possible.

Are there any connect time limits?

Connect times are currently limited to 2 hours during prime time hours. During non-prime time hours and weekends connect times of up to 4 hours are allowed.

Why are connection times limited to 2 or 4 hours?

This is done because some people would otherwise connect and stay connected for several hours, even when they aren't using it, and deny other people access. Many people only use it for a few minutes at a time to check and send email. It is also done to help control costs.

Can I advertise on a web page?

A business account is needed if you intend to advertise. Please refer to the Subscription Agreement for further information regarding this question.

Do I need Windows or a Macintosh type interface to access the WCNet?

No. While a graphical interface is highly recommended, the internet can be accessed by using an older DOS based or Apple computer. You can use any type of computer with a modem and terminal software to access WCNet. This type of connection will be a text based interface and will not take advantage of all the features of a graphical based connection.

How do you get rid of the 'Would you like to disconnect from the Internet?' prompt?

According to Microsoft, this message should go away if you disable Internet Explorer's Auto Disconnect feature:
1. Open the Control Panel and double-click Internet (or launch Internet Explorer and select Edit + Internet Options).
2. Click the Connection tab; then click Settings.
3. Deselect the Disconnect If Idle for XX Minutes option.
4. Click OK.

Remember: Now you need to disconnect from the Internet manually-for example, by right-clicking the Dial-up icon in the tray of your Taskbar and selecting Disconnect.

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