V.92 - Overview

The new V.92/V.44 modems provide higher throughput (30%-40%) and, if you have the "Call Waiting" feature on your phone line, you can take incoming calls without disconnecting from the Internet. More V.92 details can be found at http://www.v92.com.

We have tested a number of V.92 modems, and all of them required a firmware update from the manufacturer to be V.92 compliant. Some did not work in V.92 mode even after the update. So, before purchasing a V.92 modem, we suggest that you discuss post-sale support with the vendor's technical staff.

One modem that we have tested and that has worked well is the Zoom Model 3049L. This is an external modem and will require a serial cable.

We have also tested the Sterling Internal PCI v.92 modem with great success.

We have only tested V.92 modems with Windows. We have not done any testing with Macintosh computers.

V.92 - Modem-on-Hold

While connected to the Internet when you have an incoming voice call, V.92 triggers the following popup:

If you have caller ID the incoming phone number should be displayed also.

If you chose [Ignore] the popup will close and stay closed until another call comes in.

If you select [Answer] you will get the following popup.

Then pick up you phone and talk. Note: your phone will NOT ring. The MOH Window will change giving a resume button and a count down time, see figure below. The count down time comes from the ISP, when you reach 0 your internet connection will disconnect.

When you are done with your call you would press the [Resume Data Call] button. You will get a message popup to remind you to hang up your phone. Do so (hang up), press the [OK] button to clear the popup. You may now continue using the Internet (realizing that if you took your call during a download that you may have time-out on that download). You may have a 5-20 second delay for modem retraining.

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